About LFR

LFR built on the principal to bridge the gap in fitness industry by introducing a true fitness network business in Pakistan. LFR cater to mass clientele (who are price sensitive but require good quality service) by providing them exceptional services, our facilities ensure a conducive gym environment, inviting interior and innovative fitness equipment which will help our client’s workout as per their own convenience.

LFR Active facilities maintain the LFR quality of service, if you love to work out and maintain your body then join the change in the industry



Our Vision

To create a network that helps elevate Health, Fitness, Wellness and Life Style standards of the general populace of Pakistan and beyond.


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower like-minded leaders who subscribe to our vision and would like to be the torch bearers in developing this network across Pakistan for the betterment of health, fitness, wellness and life style of our general populace. This empowerment of business leaders will come through a continuous transfer of knowledge, skills, learning, human resource, capacity building, research, innovative equipment as well as cutting edge technology & mobile apps.


Core Values

These five key principles define LFR’s core values. These are the pillars that hold up LFR and it’s employees. All our team members make sure that they follow these in the true spirit.


First and foremost we believe that we are the in business of empowering people to become successful entrepreneurs. We are keenly motivated to work specifically on woman empowerment as well and providing them a source of income that they can take pride in. We empower our stake holders, investors and business partners by bridging the gap between them and the young entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about joining the fitness industry.


The second most important value that we hold most dear to us is customer focus. We believe in delivering high quality of services and ensuring true value of money for our clients. This can only be achieved through 100% customer focus in everything that we do. From the janitorial staff to our trainers each and every LFR employee is the face and identity of the organization and hence holds the responsibility to put customer first while delivering their services.


Our passion is what drives us to constantly explore new opportunities for growth. To strive and achieve our best in all that we do. To exceed the expectations of people we work with and we serve. Having natural determination and enthusiasm for work and passionate about serving our clients. All our team members should be passionate about health and fitness the best and healthiest passion that paves the way for personal as well as our organizational success..


To stay in touch with the recent and latest trends of the fitness industry. To constantly keep pushing ourselves to grow and learn the latest technology. Utilize and leverage technology as one of the key enablers for achieving organization as well as our client’s goals.


To attain creative solutions and leading practices to enhance the value of services provided to customers. To have an entrepreneurial approach. Taking initiative to find new and innovative solutions to daily challenges and thinking creatively and strategically. To be proactive by doing a continuous research work.


Our Story

Ali a long term fitness enthusiast and marketing strategist had recently lost his business associate to a heart attack and Armaghan had recently lost his most prized creation Fitdiction to partnership disputes. Ali had remained the brains behind creating Fitdiction from its name to its marketing and sales strategy and beyond, he had also been an avid critic of how things were being run in the fitness industry with his over 2 decades of multi country corporate experience. Armaghan loved to prove Ali wrong by taking bold steps and doing things differently and taking the risks, always quoting Richard Branson “That every risk is worth taking as long as it’s for a good cause and contributes to a good life”.

These circumstances brought Ali and Armaghan together in deciding that it is time to take the leap of faith enter in to a new business venture, and start doing things differently, more professionally, more courageously, in a systematic way, contributing to the wellness of not only the people of our country but also the fitness industry which is currently lacks the right attitude and professionalism. Our passion and dreams are fuelled and shared by Zeeshan Niaz who is also a passionate gymer and health conscious business man.


Armaghan Khalid

Armaghan has been related to the fitness industry for over a decade now, he started off his career as a body builder and a fitness freak. His passion for fitness drove him out of the sales career and launched him in to the Fitness industry as a Fitness trainer working for Gun Club in Islamabad. Along his journey he contributed to the success of various gyms where he worked. Armaghan is well reputed and respected in the fitness industry and is invited actively to health and fitness programs on television.
Armaghan launched Fitdiction in 2013 in the heart of Islamabad, that gained popular acclaim amongst fitness enthusiasts as well as motivated hundreds to get into a healthy lifestyle and get fitdicted. Armaghan is also the silent success story behind many a fitness trainers and successful gym owners who owe it to his motivation, guidance and coaching.